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Turbo / Car went absolutly CRAZY!!

imported_Audi_DavE Dec 27, 2004

  1. Hi guys, aint been ere in a while (blinkin crimbo period at work takes all my time)

    Well was looking for a bit of advice. Was driving back home today from the shop i work at, and as i was accelerating out of a junction, i notice theres a little less boost than usual from the turbo, and a weird hissin noise (had the windows open, yes mad i know this time of year, but the car was misty) coming from the engine bay (1.9TDI A4 btw), anyways, i think nowt of it and carry on.

    Around a mile or 2 later, i notice the car being VERY sluggish, i mean i was flooring it, and it was creeping up that rev meter like a 800cc Fiat. So i backed off, and jsut drove it light home. Got in the car a bit later on to go out, and was driving down the road (with the turbo now what seemed like working again)and the car started reving itself to the redline insanely on its own. Now..i paniked a bit, clutched it after seeing lots of black smoke in my mirror, put me hazards on, and turned it off. Even after cuttin the ignition, the car was stil redlining, itself, so, thiking along the lines of "o ******" got out the car and stood back, 30seconds late a guy runs down the road and asks if my cars a diesel, i say yer, he then says gimme the keys, and jumps in, and stalls the engine. Later on, after thanking him and finding out he is a mechanic and has the same car, he asked me if my turbo had be on the blink lately, then went on to say that his car had done something simmilar before. Basically, it came down to the engine having to much oil in it, and it then pulling the oil in to the combustion chamber out of the sump, and then running on that (hence the mass of black smoke).

    See this is where i get a little stuck, I know a little about engines, and know that the Oil rings around the piston heads stop this from happening, which lead me to the conclusion that i had bust one of the rings. Also, the guy mentioned to much oil being in the engine. I know this cant be right cos i only sorted all the fkuids out the other day, and theyre all fine and up to notch.

    Right now, the car sounds REAL rough, it just dont sound as smoothe as it used too. Anyone got anyideas on what could have caused this? Im a bit bemused myself.

    Thanks, Dave /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/cry.gif
  2. mmmm, did think the turbo had gone.

    Thing is, after it decided to not work, a little further down the road, it was working again. I know that in strange made circumstances (it was mighty cold) the wastegate can get frozen, so i kept driving thinking it was something to do with it being a bit chilly. Well.... its going off the the mechanic on wednesday,god damnit!

    Might just get an a3 and have done lol. Sell it as parts and buy a nice a3, quatro...MMMMM
  3. FezzR

    FezzR Member

    ill buy it for £50 :p

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