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Tuning and Warranties

Distiller Dec 14, 2003

  1. Distiller

    Distiller New Member

    Thinking of chipping my 1.8T when it arrives.

    Has anyone had any problems with dealers WRT warranties after they've chipped their Audi ?
  2. Mike.M

    Mike.M Well-Known Member

    To keep the Audi warranty you have to get mods done by ABT as they are the only authorised people to my knowledge.
  3. simont

    simont Member

    Maybe another route is that the tuning company may give you a warranty. IIRC AMD provide a limited warranty for their tuning work for example.

  4. scoTTy

    scoTTy Active Member

    I've posted this many times as this subject seems to confuse people for some reason. This came directly from Audi HQ :

    "All power enhancements are excluded from the Audi warranty system. In fact any item not approved by Audi UK has the same warranty disclaimer; the official terminology is' any non approved item will not be covered by Audi warranty or any part affected by its fitment'. Under trading standards and retail legislation, any centre supplying a non approved item should inform the customer in writing on the invoice that a) it has been requested by the customer and b) the implications of the factory warranty."

    Since Distiller, you haven't said what country in or filled in your profile (hint hint) it's hard to give acurate information. (I'll assume your in the UK)
    Abt are a warrantued supplier in Germany but NOT in the UK for performance parts. Audi centres can however fit body kits etc.

    Beware of any one telling you the warranty is unaffected. This is wrong. Some dealers offer their own but this is not an Audi UK warranty. Watch the misleading dealers squirm when you ask for it in writing! /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smirk.gif
  5. austurbo

    austurbo New Member

    I can appreciate the warranty question comming up when someone wants to pep up their car but really if your concerned with warranty then you shouldn't bother about modding your car. Once you've been around these forums you will come to relise what warranty is all about and the simple fact that if you go with a reputable tuning company that has had many years of tuning with thousands of satisified customers then thats all that's needed.

    If you want stage 1 with 200hp then get it know because you will never turn back if your warried about warranty then be happy with stock 150hp(1.8T). Warranty is so airy fairy that a dealer will try to not to do a warranty job if they can. When I bought my car and took it in for the first service the battery cover had a broken clip. Guess what they wouldn't replace it saying it could have been damaged in transit, that's a direct quote. Dealers just want to sell you their cars they don't want to hear about your complaints. JMTCW.

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