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Tune S5 in to RS5

Scruffy Sep 28, 2010

  1. Scruffy

    Scruffy Member

    Ok here's a question...

    New RS5 comes out this month and it has the 'same' S5 engine but tuned to produce 444bhp instead of 351. If it is the same engine, can I effectively tune my S5 engine up somehow?? If so, lets do it!
  2. boblester40

    boblester40 New Member

    No not the same enigne , the RS5 engine is more simular in design to the V10 block , the S5 engine is simular to the rs4 engine but even then the internal components are different , the RS4 engine runs higher compression , pistons etc. the most you can expect fron the S5 lump is 380 with miltek filter and modchip , any more you will have to look at superchargers .


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