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TT Speedo not working

Hollean Aug 8, 2011

  1. Hollean

    Hollean New Member

    The speedo has stopped working on my 02 plate TT roadster.
    I'm trying to work out if it's a faulty sensor or a fault in the instrument cluster.
    The mileage reading has also stopped incrementing. The DIS also indicates an average of 0 mph and 0 mpg
    I followed instructions for reading the on board diagnostic code for speed on the temperature gauge and that is also 0.
    This is leading me to suspect that its most likely the sensor.
    The next question is where is the sensor and how do I test it ?
    Any advice ?
  2. dzTT

    dzTT Active Member

    Get on the TT forum and ask on there, i cant remember where the sensor is but if youve got a liquid TT then try using that
  3. rodhotter

    rodhotter New Member

    they were problematic, here in the US modulemasters.com dos repairs

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