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TT quattro modded - should I buy??

Krisgib Apr 7, 2014

  1. Krisgib

    Krisgib New Member

    Hi all, I'm after a bit of advice from the experts and enthusiasts.

    There's a TT close to me for sale privately, but I have no experience with mods etc. and I just wondered what this ad would say to people who know more than me - is it worth considering or not (subject to the usual service history etc...)? The ad goes like this:

    Audi TT Quattro 1.8 turbo for sale in immaculate condition throughout, with many extras, very low mileage for year 2003 - 35,500 miles/58500km, always garaged, silk Nappa leather upholstery, engine remapped with viezu (box included), all new: belts (timing, auxiliary), water pump, battery, tyres etc. parking sensors front and rear. Nu speed (think they mean Neuspeed) short shift kit replacement, updated front and rear anti-roll bars and brushes (bushes??) £9000 ono - for discerning drivers only etc. etc.

    I don't know if viezu are respected remappers (their website says they've been doing it for "some years" which doesn't fill me with confidence), don't know what box included means, not sure why anti-roll bars and bushes would have been replaced unless it was a suspension upgrade... I have read that is someone has remapped for performance in a TT they should have also upgraded clutch, which doesn't seem to have happened, and if the remap is not a good one and overboosts the turbo, it's goodbye engine! in other words I'm just not sure whether this is a good buy - I do like my cars and my power, but venturing into areas where I have no real experience - my performance cars have always been stock!

    Anyone got any thoughts? Would be much appreciated!
  2. dzTT

    dzTT Active Member

    If I were you I would walk away. That price for a Mk1 (despite the low mileage) is too high especially for a modified one. You could probably get one for around £5000 with 40000 miles and spend the extra cash you save modifying it yourself with parts you know and have heard of.

    For that price you could probably get the limited edition Quattro Sport version with low miles and that will hold on to its resale value a lot better.

    If its not too far away from you you could always take it out for a test drive and get a freindly mechanic to give it a quick once over if its really the one you want

    If you want more info on them ask on the ttforum.co.uk, guys on there will be able to help out more


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