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TT performance problem

alex781 Dec 4, 2009

  1. alex781

    alex781 New Member

    Hi I have an audi TT 225 2003 1.8 turbo. The other day the car seemed to stop pulling as well as it used to I have removed the air filter and put my hand over the air inlet and the car cuts out hence the reason I think there is not a leaking pipe. I have changed brake vacuum hose and n75 valve but it still does the same. The turbo is spinning up ok but it soulds like the engine is not requesting the air when you throttle up. It has been into my local garage who cannot find any fault I also have plugged it into VAG COM and there is no faults coming back on the computer.

    Any thoughts I am getting desperate? :think:
  2. djdougalno1

    djdougalno1 Member

    maybe actuator or a split pipe id say have u also tried disconeting the maf sensor to see if it runs better the maf is the sensor between the air box and turbo intake pipe just unplug it an see if it runs better also has the car been remaped if so could be the map itself starange that you havnt got any codes though good luck let me no how u get on
  3. TheBoyLeeRoy

    TheBoyLeeRoy New Member

    Also test the DV by taking it off. Compress it by putting a socket that fits into the chamber. Once compressed put your thumb over the small outlet at the top and release the socket that is compressing the diaphragm inside. If the diaphragm decompresses then it is leaking and could be a source of boost. Most likely is a breather hose on the PCV system or TIP pipes themselves if they collapse under load.
  4. jonbonazza

    jonbonazza New Member

    Have you done a boost leak test?
  5. coachvtt

    coachvtt New Member

    I'm guessing its the MAF Sensor!

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