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  1. treblesykes

    treblesykes Member

    I ordered a new TT in July for delivery Dec. paid £1000 deposit then waited waited waited

    About a month ago I started ringing the saleman to get a more solid date and he became a bit vague but did tell me all TT deliverys are coming on time so Dec was still OK.
    So I took my private plate off my trade in A3, sold an Isa investment to raise cash etc.
    Anyway last week I rang again, to be told my salesman has left the dealership,I was put onto a new guy who said he would check his systems and find my delivery date. He didn't ring back as promised so I called again.
    He then started asking me if the car was ordered in a company name or any other name but my surname, Alarm bells rang!!:confused:
    I eventually found the dealer had forgot to order my car from Audi!! The sales manager then rang me and said I could hopefully have a TT in March. I haggled with him over this saying I wasnt sure if I wanted the car anymore
    and complaining that my car needs to be traded in as it needs a service and new brakes all round (true a different garage warned me at mot 2 months ago).

    At this point you need to know that between ordering the car and now my wife became pregnant after we had given up hope of that ever happening :jump: :friends:

    So in the end no TT for me:bye: York Audi serviced and rebraked my car f.o.c. should be 468+vat. And refunded my deposit
    I've been out and ordered a freelander 2 for easy baby transportation. I tried to get the Mrs an A4 avant but she wouldn't have it

    So a long story with a happy ending. Its just lucky for the dealer that I had gone cold on the TT idea as I would have raised holy hell.

    I hope you will still let me visit this forum even when the only Audi I own is an Audi umbrella.

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