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  1. SilureMark

    SilureMark Active Member

    Surprised no one has started a thread as Audi have now released some details of the new car and have fully shown the car interior (the biggest change). Can't say I am sold on the completely huge dash screen that basically replaces the usual screen you'd have for the sat nav, and other functions; nor am I keen on the minimalistic interior. Even the air con controls are now integrated into the three air vents that sit in the middle of the dash. The car itself will be revealed at the end of this week. Should be interesting - quite a few forums seem to be giving the new car the thumbs down... not sure what people were expecting as the mk2 is a fine looking car and only the interior is a bit dated... watch this space anyway as the mk3 is coming!

    The new TT dashboard! I suppose it might catch on? Just looks a bit too distracting/busy to my eyes. You can change it to just the dials, view people's pictures on the phone book and see your album covers when synced to your ipod, etc. Hmm. I'm not sold on it at all. But hey, it's certainly different. Shame passengers won't have much to look at!

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  2. deci

    deci Active Member


    Evolutionary. Not really doing much for me on the outside but the interior is fantastic.
  3. warren_S5

    warren_S5 Moderator Staff Member Moderator VCDS Map User

    Not sure what I think about the front, again not sure it's working for me.

    Interior is amazing.

    Seems a completely different facial concept to recently launched A3 8V. If this is where things are moving happy to be having another 'old skool' fronted Audi in the meantime.
  4. deci

    deci Active Member

    I think the thing I don't like is the badge not being on the grille. It's otherwise similarly shaped to the 8v in my mind. What's throwing you is probably the chrome on the TTS grille, above. The standard TT won't have that I'd imagine. After initially being unimpressed I've grown to like it a bit more - makes the mk2 look dated. It's still very much evolution though - I was hoping for something slightly more radical.

    I'm still in two minds to replace my 8v A3 with one of these in the near future. The A3 interior is probably the best designed interior i've ever seen... until the TT came along.

    According to the press reports, xenons are standard across the range and LEDs are an option (or maybe standard for s-line). The interior is bigger, and the car itself is lighter, faster and more economical - but you'd expect that.
  5. deci

    deci Active Member

    I believe the plan for Audi is to do this with all new cars and have a supplementary tablet style screen that passengers can control things from. I really like it. To hell with the passengers;)
  6. Artimus

    Artimus Shortback

    Surely a 420bhp monster is enough to tempt?

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