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TT MK2 8J - Folding mirror motor assemblies and switch

stokeballoon Nov 12, 2012

  1. stokeballoon

    stokeballoon Member

    As above. One pair new (L+R) Folding mirror motors. For sale is the guts of the folding mirrors, does not come with Lens or covers.The OEM Genuine mirror motors come fully wired with OEM looms, which will support Anti Dazzle, Folding, and Full electric adjustment. They are new, never fitted. I will also supply a new Chrome Mirror adjustment switch, which again supports Folding. There are also brand new 2 sets of the Consumables (screws that Audi change when removing mirrors).I have also printed out a How to.£130 posted. Picture is a gneric Foldind mirror pic. The parts that are for sale are the internal motors and switch required to convert your Standard Mirrors to the folding spec.My current TT has folding mirrors so not required.

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