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TT mk1 concert "tape deck" to concert "CD"

A3SBQ Nov 16, 2011

  1. A3SBQ

    A3SBQ A3 SportBack 2TFSI quattro DSG


    Hope some one here can help me.
    I am helping out a friend that just have purchased a TT mk1 1999mod.
    The car is equipped with a concert tape deck head unit.
    The unit is faulty by haveing a bad connection in the volume up/down nob.

    So now we need to change it.
    1. Doese the concert "CD" swap directly in?
    2. Can I use a unit from a A4 car!
    3. Does it need any coding?
    4. What is needed to get Aux-input

    Thanks for helping.

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