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TT APX 225bhp will not start, HELP Please.

t955daytona Apr 16, 2010

  1. t955daytona

    t955daytona Guest

    I have a 2000 TT 225bhp with the APX engine. The car will not start, it cranks over as normal but the EPC light does not light when the ignition is on. I have tried to look for fault codes but neither my Snapon scantool or VAGCOM can interrogate the ECU. I have had the ECU checked by a specialist who says there are no faults with the ECU. There appears to be power going to the ECU loom which I checked with a multimeter. Is there anything else (Relays etc) that I may need to check, I am at my whits end!! Thanks for any information.
  2. TT Spares

    TT Spares .com

    Bit of a random one but try disconnecting the battery for a few hours to let the ECU reset and then try again. Could also be starter motor related, or not enough juice in the battery.

  3. audi5802

    audi5802 New Member

    did you find out what the problem was a mine is doing the same thing aswell. any info would be great to help me aswell

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