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TT 8n 3.2 VR6 DSG

QuattroRich Nov 29, 2011

  1. QuattroRich

    QuattroRich Quattro Formaggio

    Hello all

    I'm thinking about investing in an 8N TT 3.2 DSG. I originally was after a Mk4 Golf R32 but I find these to be more and more common. My main question is with the DSG gearbox and paddle shift - this seems really promising and in most reviews proves to be a really good combination of the vr6 engine and paddle shift gearbox, but I've read some common faults with the gearbox in that after some mileage (around 50k+) the gearbox begins to fault, slip and become costly in repair.

    If anyone has any information towards this TT I would be much obliged, the last thing I wan't to do is put down a large sum of money into a car that isn't worth it in the long run!

    Thought I'd post up a nice example here as well.. :sly:
    Audi : **REDUCED**Immaculate 3.2 Manual V6 TT with Milltek & Amd remap

    Cheers - Rich
    Last edited: Nov 29, 2011

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