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TT 19" split rims corrosion

Aspen Jun 6, 2009

  1. Aspen

    Aspen Member VCDS Map User

    We bought my wife a 2008 TT roadster. And it has 19" split rim aloys on it. (was the FD's car at Sheffield Audi) so it looks amazing.

    BUT, the rim around the edge is showing water mark style corrosion spots.

    The metal around the rim seems to be made of different metal to the alloy in the middle. It's a different shade definitley.

    I have been reading that split rims generaly have machine polished rims, but I'm not sure if that means I can just polish the rims back to former glory, or will I need them professionally refinished and coated.

    Any ides guys?
  2. 10blazin


    i think you will need them refurbing tbh ....i mean try and polish it out but im sure what your on about is where the water gets into the metal
  3. Aspen

    Aspen Member VCDS Map User

    yeah that is what i thought, but surely it's still under warranty, isn't it?

    Although, I am beginning to think that the rim is in fact stainless steel!!

    Just by what other owners are saying, and split rim manufacturers. If it is, I should be able to buff it with some fine grade 3M brillow.

    Or, I'll be back here giving a review of a wheel refinisher in sheffield due to my completely knackering the finish

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