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Trying to replace head unit missing connectors and loose wires??

domward Nov 22, 2010

  1. domward

    domward New Member

    just bought a 1999 audi a3 and there was no unit just wires and connectors.
    I found this picture on previous thread...
    I do not have the large brown connector or the smaller yellow and green ones...

    I have the black one which succesffully powers my sendai head unit and I have the small blue one and I also have the red and small brown one which I think are not important...

    I also have 9 loose wires maybe some of these are from the connector things im missing??

    I believe i have a non bose system as i have checked in back of boot left side and have audi logoed sub but no amp on right hand side boot so probably have standard amp in sub....

    Anyone know how i;d go about sortin the 9 loose wires or simply just getting sound to my front and rear speakers + sub ???

    I have bought pc9-404/pc9-410 not completely sure which ones which though came as multi pack halfords....

    cheers guyz

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