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Trying to keep my windscreen clean on the inside and was hoping for some suggestion!

adigraham Apr 22, 2007

  1. adigraham

    adigraham Member

    Trying to keep my windscreen clean on the inside and was hoping for some suggestion!
  2. DIABLO636

    DIABLO636 Member

    Auto Glym Galss polish seems to be fine on my car.....
    .........and slap anywbody who ever goes to touch your windows with ther grubby fingers !!!!
  3. tonyt102

    tonyt102 Member

    I use Meguiars glass polish. Very good and doesn't streak.
  4. jr001

    jr001 Member

    Yes, I think the Megs stuff is superb. Particularly the NXT Glass Cleaner, inside and out. Easy on and off.

    I am experimenting at the moment though. Zymol carbon on the outside works wonders with water drops at 30mph and above. No wax on windscreen though.

    Having cleansed all windows I am now trying the massive leftovers of JEFFS Prime Acryllic (from Polished Bliss) from my paint correction job. Have got through half my windows up to now and it seems very good. You can feel the difference on the insides, they are so smooth. My four year old is always the ultimate test in these matters and I can safely say that no matter what you use, children will always leave grub marks behind.

    I'll stick with the JEFFS just now, and it has several other uses, including body and wheel cleansing AND protection. So little of it does the job. It seems to win on the versatility front, something dedicated glass cleaners might not be trusted to do.

    Well worth a try IMO, but give the windows some form of damp MF wipe down before applying.

  5. WX51TXR

    WX51TXR Polished Bliss

    As above, Jeffs Prime Acrylic is ace inside and out, but the best product I've found for glass cleaning inside and out has to be Zymol HD-Cleanse; simply brilliant, easy to use and no streaks. However, unlike the Jeffs it doesn't leave any protection, so if you want a Rain X type effect then the Jeffs is still the way to go. :)

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