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trouble pulling the trigger - advice

Lex696 Jul 12, 2010

  1. Lex696

    Lex696 Member

    so first it was colour, then spec, then this then that - finally i have in front of me the quote for a Suzuka Grey S3 SB, which may i add is pretty high since in Cyprus we get very little stnd so have had to pay for loads of equip, and i still dont know.

    should i love this car and so have no doubt or if i have a doubt should i not get a loan in such a climate, in a market where selling cars is next to impossible for a decent price and so i cant risk buying a wrongen. add to the fact i hate the wheels and so will deffo need to spend circa 2k soon for bbs or mtm, which would be 19s making the ride in a country with ***** roads a questionable action, plus i have no idea what its like in the flesh as Audi Cyp have no demo.

    thing is it is a nice car, best of the hot hatches, practical with fun factor. there is also little else to choose from. i never luuurved a3s and half of me says if its a semi-want over a definite need, dont do it, the other half says stop being a p**sy :think:

    finally i know the 8P3 is nearing the end with almost certainly a revamp in 2011 (confirmed by the product mngr)....

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