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Trip computer + stalk question

Discussion in 'A4/A4 cabriolet/S4 forum(B6 chassis)' started by bradh, Sep 26, 2013.

  1. bradh

    bradh Active Member

    May 23, 2013
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    Hi guys as my a4 seems pretty basic if like to add the wiper stalk with the buttons for scrolling the dash for mpg journey time ect can any body tell me exactly what I need obs a new stalk any thing else ??
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  3. stu_m

    stu_m Well-Known Member
    VCDS Map User

    Oct 25, 2009
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    new stalk and someone to code it in for you

    you wont need a steering wheel control module as they all do DIS but if you want cruise too then you may have to look at upgrading the steering wheel module too
  4. SmoothAssault

    SmoothAssault Will design for mods

    Dec 25, 2007
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    What you're after is referred to as the 'Driver Information System' (DIS). You would require the stalk as you've said, but once installed it will need to be enabled with VCDS software.

    I believe full DIS ('full' as opposed to the basic just 'miles remaining') when enabled from the factory came with a low screen wash warning, so a pin on the blue dash plug needs earthing or you will constantly be notified that your screen wash is low.

    At least earthing the pin is the easy option, you could alternatively install the screen wash sensor and run the cables back though the car, but this is obviously a lot of work for a feature most of us don't need (as car enthusiasts who regularly check levels anyway :happy:).

    Here's the thread where I got this information: http://www.audi-sport.net/vb/a4-a4-...assis/177459-dis-cruise-done.html#post1760229

    And as you probably don't have VCDS, here's a map of members that do who you could contact and see if they'll be able to help you out: VCDS (formerly VAG-COM) forum

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