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Trims need but what are they called????

Dogtown22 Jan 8, 2013

  1. Dogtown22

    Dogtown22 Member

    Well the Audi's been getting the treatment, last night stayed after work and got the rear quater repaired (was bubbling from a bad repair previous owner) primed, then painted it along with the rear door, lower front and lower rear bumper and both side skirts (colour coded) just got the lower door trims to do now and shes all done (exept I want to paint the bonnet wings and front upper bumper hahah)

    Now, as I popped the trim off to get to the bolts holding the skirts on it just seemed to fall to pieces as I went along, I'm pretty sure they're both that bad they're just not going to go back on, if this is the case where can I buy a pair from??? Thats if the scrap yard fails me...

  2. is there not a part number hiding somewhere on them? i need some for mine too as one of mine has been damaged since i bought the car,

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