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Trim specs. Help please. new to Audi

oztek tim Oct 18, 2009

  1. oztek tim

    oztek tim New Member

    Hi, I am new to audi's and looking to buy a b7 a4 avant.

    What is the difference between the se's and s lines etc.? Is the s line worth the extra ££'s?

    I am looking at the 2.0 diesel's, preferably the 170 bhp, but will consider the 140. Or how does the v6 diesel's compare with price range?

    Was the bose system standard on any models and does this come with the sub woofer?

    also how many miles is too much? and how much should I be looking to pay.

    i have seen this one on ebay http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Audi-A4-2-0-T...ewItemQQptZAutomobiles_UK?hash=item1c0d34fddc

    I do approx 10-12 k per year and would be looking at keeping the car for at least 2-3 years. Would the mileage at 150k make the car hard to sell on then?

    Also what do they wear like with more miles? I drove a 56 plate s line with 60k on the clock yesterday and it drove nice apart from a bad wheel bearing, but dont know how one with more miles will drive. That car was £13.5k and is way more than i want to spend. my budget is max £9k but would rather spend £8k ish. What are the chances of finding a 170 bhp for this price? also how can i tell by looking at the cat if it is the 170 version?

    or am i barking up the wrong tree altogether? shouls i be looking at the b6? just i prefer the large grill.

    any help much appreciated, thanks Tim
  2. Hi Tim,

    I have a 2005 A4 2.0 TDI S-Line....
    I bought it about 6 months ago for 9k with 87k on the clock, nice and clean!

    The differences between the SE and S-Line aesthetically are a lowered suspension 18" wheels (on most) sports seats, more aggressive styling, 3 point steering wheel, etc etc...

    If you’re tight for money the SE will be cheaper, but the S-Line is the one to get IMO - due to the resale.
    You could get a 2.0T (petrol) for good money with good mileage, and they still return 30mpg.

    The difference between the 170 and the 140 is marginal; i drove both when i bought my car. The 170 twin exhausts either side of the rear bumper, the 140 has twin pipes together on the left hand side.
    Another option is to re-map the car from 140 to 170 (though this has been known to eat clutches etc - Hence why i haven't messed with my car...!)

    Bose isn't standard on any of the range (though maybe on the RS4..?) All cars come with the base box in the boot (at least all my previous Audi's have).

    The wear is first class, you won't find a car better built for build quality - Mercs are applaing and BM's are for Chavs... lol
    I'd say pay the 9k - Be patient and you'll find a 2005 54/05/55 with 85ish for 9k - I did so....

    The B6 is a different car under the skin, B7 had new suspension, gear-box, and new parts from the new A6, meant they could move the engine further back to help with the handerling, which is great.
    I looked at a couple of B6's also - Found a few with 60k 54 plates in Sport spec for 7.5k, though i did almost buy a 54 plate with sat-nav, black optics, Xennon's, 18's, leather.... literally every option had been ticket! but they wanted the same price i payed for the B7 - That will hold more value, so it was a no brainer.

    Also B6's have a 1.9 TDI and most S-Lines have 2.0 TDi's which are smoother and more refined.

    Good luck with the search - they sell sooooo fast...!
    Last edited: Oct 18, 2009
  3. jwhat

    jwhat Member VCDS Map User

    I would agree with what was said above because I have a 2005 S-Line too and love it. Don't go for a 170 if you do much town driving as the Diesel Particle Filter will be head wrecking, although milltek do a dpf removal pipe now.

    But I would advise that you try to find a 2005 tdi without the BLB engine. I have one and im afraid of this happening and leaving me with a big bill Click

  4. Oh ****....:faint:

    Now i'm sh*ting it! What's blb?

    Is there anything that can be done to prevent this????
  5. jwhat

    jwhat Member VCDS Map User

    BLB is the engine code. It should be on the sticker in the boot. Yes you can get a new oil pump and balancer (sp?) shaft which is a new design because the one on the blb engines is a bad design and if you want this new version your engine needs modifying to fit it.

    Check out these two links for more information http://www.vwaudiforum.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?t=71962&highlight=blb


    Mines on 48k at the moment and i am starting to save for this new oil pump etc. Either that or a new engine!
  6. Codestud

    Codestud New Member

    I have a 170 with the DPF, and have done mostly town journeys over the last few months. Haven't had any issues at all yet.
  7. oztek tim

    oztek tim New Member

    thanks for your help guys. I am not a member of that other forum, what is it that is going wrong with them? also what spec is the blb engine? getting a 170 should not be a problem as i dont do a lot of town driving.
  8. I have an Avant - Is that sticker in the boot also?


  9. jwhat

    jwhat Member VCDS Map User

    The blb engine is the 140bhp version, it was the first 2.0tdi engine in the A4's I think.
    Sorry I didn't know you had to be a member to read the threads. In them people are saying that the blb engine is prone to braking its oil pump and or balancer shaft leading to a new engine or rebuilt engine being needed.

    Yes I think its in the boot well where the spare wheel is situated. It gives the engine code, colour code engine output etc.

    I stand corrected then. Thanks:icon_thumright:
  10. Wrath

    Wrath Well-Known Member

    I did an initial look on Google and it all directed to the 1.8T petrol version having these problems. I then joined the vwaudi forum and found a few posts about the 2.0 TDI. I am a little concerned but mindful that it may only be a handful of cases, however, I can't quite work out what exactly is the faulty component? Is it the oil pump that then causes the problem?

    I'm due to go into my dealers shortly for my alloy to get fixed (don't ask!), I'll quiz them about this and see what they say. I'm pretty sure I have a BLB as mines a 2005 2.0 TDI.

    Just wondered if it also affected Seat's and Skoda's as they share the 2.0 TDI engine?
  11. hazey7

    hazey7 Member

    Go on ebay and get an old brochure covering the B7 A4s from 2004 to 2007. It details all the specs and shows exactly which options, trims, extras, etc, were available on each model.

    IMO once you've looked at an S-line none of the other models will ever seem the same, you'll WANT the lower suspension, bigger wheels, sportier handling, etc. I am still surprised at the price differential between an SE and an S-line that holds up even when a few years old....
  12. 20TDI

    20TDI New Member

    I've owned VWs and Seats with the 2.tdi in both 140 and 170 guise. I even had the oil pump replaced in the golf, a week after the warranty ran out (a lot of progressively higher volume negotiating in a room full of customers and the dealer coninced VW to pay ;))

    I got fed up of the hard suspension in the Seat 170 (assume this is similar or the same to the S-Line) and that was one of my reasons for choosing the SE, or one of my reasons that the extra cost for an SLine was a bad idea.

    Engine wise, having owned the 2.0's i opted for the fairly rare 2.5 v6 tdi. Much much smoother power delivery, almost petrol like. Really quiet at cruising speed and altogether more refined. Overall you get the impression that the engine is well within its comfort zone in this car whilst the 2.0 feels more like its working harder. Not much in the fuel economy either, I'm doing 46mpg in the 2.5 where i was doing 44mpg in the 170bhp Leon

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