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Trim Rattle Centre console

Roscoepeko Feb 17, 2009

  1. Roscoepeko

    Roscoepeko New Member

    Hello all,

    My centre console area produces a...well rattle is probably an incorrect description but more of a creaking. - The plastics seem to move around a little and seem loose - the worst area is the handbrake cover which is certainly not tightly fitted but I have been unable to work out how to remove the plastic cover.

    Has anyone alse suffered similar creaking . loose plastics in this area - I was thinking of taking it all apart and refitting using some sort of maybe silicone which will stop plastics moving around but be able to be seperated when needed unlike gue ...advice on the handbrake cover (how to remove the cover and or stop it from being loose) would also be apprecied

    FYI - Car does not have a centre armrest.

    Many thanks

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