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trim expansion due to warming up

steve184 Sep 16, 2005

  1. steve184

    steve184 Active Member

    Has anyone ever noticed a distinct clicking noise coming from the passenger footwell when their A3 is cold and warming up with the heater on - it doesnt happen during the summer only the colder months when the car is physically cold in the mornings - it definately seems like its something plastic that is expanding and is causing a very regular clicking noise which stops once the car has warmed up (about 10 minutes) it is so annoying - anyone experienced this and manged to fix it or anything? Don't fancy takin it into dealers cos they will think im a right idiot! (plus most of the r idiots anyway!)


  2. I had a similar thing on my previous car which was an A3 TDI sport. My new SFG A3 S-Line does not suffer from this problem however.
    It was a clicking when the heater was on which gradually went away as the car warmed up. If I was you I would take to the dealer anyway because I bet other A3s have suffered from this
  3. Davidb67

    Davidb67 Member

    Steve, mine does this too.
    haven't got round to booking it in for a look yet, but plan to do so shortly, as i also find when my car is idling and in "Park", there's a "lumpiness"/shaking of the car which is starting to get on my t1ts, although the engine is not "hunting".
  4. funkycat

    funkycat Member

    For the 1st time mine had the "lumpy" feeling from cold this morning, when waiting at some lights on a rather steep hill. I had the hand brake on but in N while waiting, I put it down the cold morning & engine. I'll keep an eye on it as we head into the autumn.

    Davidb67 : Pls let us know outcome if you book it in to your local dealer for a look.


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