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Tried starting the car recently and had a Dead battery - RNSE related!

rikia93 Jan 19, 2014

  1. rikia93

    rikia93 Active Member

    Hello ALL

    Basically I went to start the car and found it had a dead batter after not having driven it for two to three days!
    So it went on charge, and then I did a battery test to see if the battery was duff which it isn't! checked the charging to see if the alternator had gone and that's all fine!

    SO now I'm thinking something must be drawing a lot of power, got out the multimeter and low and behold 3amps!
    now i'm taking fuses out and finally I find the sound system underneath the bonnet and it then drops down to less than 0.1amps!

    I've retrofitted a RNSE-MK1 to a 2006 sportback which originally had a Concert II headunit!

    Further reading suggest that a few pins on the adapter looms may be in the wrong position such as D13 amp enable which is permanently live checked this against other peoples posts and seems to be in the right position.

    the RNSE seems to constantly be on even after the car is locked - I hear crackling and popping of the speakers whilst inside and locked and the screen seems to be constantly a dark blue.

    I have a non bose system with aftermarket telephone prep and an aux in socket so maybe thinking the coding code be wrong?

    any help on this would be great as I am down to taking the fuse in and out everytime I drive the car to save myself the hazzle of taking the battery in and out and putting it on charge!

    Cheers in advance


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