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Travelled 3 hours to look a 2.5Tdi Q B6 and.....

wesmaster Apr 18, 2014

  1. wesmaster

    wesmaster Member

    After travelling 3 hours on thurday afternoon to view a 2003 2.5TDI B6 Q Avant which I had seen on internet, After asking seller if there are any problems with car, response was other than the damage to 2 doors (which was visable on pics) the car is ok.
    So a quick scan and this is what I found in 15 mins:
    Abs wheel sensor open circuit
    Airbag crash sensor fault X2!!!
    Both rear doors deadlock fault
    rear wiper not working
    front bumper loose and 10" crack
    fog light hanging out
    O/S intercooler smashed
    cracked windscreen (I knew beforehand)
    rear bumper damaged
    spare tyre blown out
    Flat tyres on car
    Brand new pads on really badly lipped discs front and rear.

    I gave up there and went home. wasted 6 hours in car with wife and 2 kids not pleased with me!!
    Still, would rather walk away than buy a dog!
  2. TheDriver

    TheDriver Active Member

    That's friggin lame dude :( Feel bad for you, and the fam.

    Hate when t@ssers like that try to take you for a chump and end up wasting your time and money for nothing :banghead: Still, good job that you had presence of mind to check the car out properly, like you said better that then end up lumbered with a turd. Good luck with finding your car man :thumbsup:
  3. wesmaster

    wesmaster Member

    Thanks, just someone will buy it on ebay unknowing all the probs and pay good money for it.
  4. DieselJake

    DieselJake Well-Known Member

    Post up a link to name and shame, sounds like the poor cars been given a tough life.
  5. wesmaster

    wesmaster Member

    I was on eBay, the listing finished before I looked at it. I'll try to find the link later and post it.
  6. madmike01uk

    madmike01uk Member

    That's why I no longer travel more than 90 mins for a car, unless it's off a forum member who's got a good reputation. Hate time wasters.
  7. gtiboy

    gtiboy Member

    Feel for ya pal !
    Once went to Bournmouth from leeds to look at a MK1 golf gti Campaign model .
    Asked him the obvious questions on the phone and also last 5 digits off the vin and it all sounded great .
    Spent the best part of 5-6 hrs getting there and the car was a turd !
    Wrong vin number digits and 1 wek left on the MOT when he said 6 months .History was virually non existent except for the few Halfrauds invoices LOL
    Just pray KARMA gets to him .
    PS still dont help the situation
  8. wesmaster

    wesmaster Member

    Bought a Signum 150 cdti now. Was less than half price and very economical. With a decent remap will be 190-200 bhp anyway. Quite surprised how good it is.
  9. p1tse

    p1tse Member

    That's hard

    Some people expectations are different and honesty

    But for the average car you got to expect it in average condition
    Lucky for me the last car I sold the guy looked 10 mins didn't even drive it and paid deposit!

    Current car I went from bristol to Great Yarmouth blind to buy car
    Was a 12 hour round trip in total
    I also found things which wasn't picked up but then its 10 years old
  10. Jimmy TDI

    Jimmy TDI Pro Tinkerer Audi A4 Audi Avant Owner Group TDi

    I had a few experiences like this when I was looking for mine, and some of them were dealers too. I don't see the point in lying as anyone with half a brain cell will just walk away.

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