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Trashed my Bumper

mattyn Dec 12, 2011

  1. mattyn

    mattyn Member

    Evening All
    Trashed my bumper tonight on a kerb - parking and did not notice it was slightly higher than the car!

    Will try insurance tomorrow, but just wondering on costs to replace, paint and fit!! Pics below - it is ripped on the passenger side!

    Thanks all!

  2. elan2s

    elan2s Active Member

    Sorry to hear your tail of woe. Before you call the insurance company I would suggest you explore the option of getting it done by a local bodyshop (ask your dealer who they use) as this will undoubtedly be cheaper in the long run. Not only will you have your excess to pay the insurance company but you will also either lose part of your No Claims Bonus and/or see your premium go up next year (even if you have a protected NCB they will still hike the base premium). At this stage it is best not to involve the insurer (assuming no one else was involved) unless you are certain to claim as even telling them without claiming will go on file and may result in a premium hike.
  3. deanosabby

    deanosabby Active Member VCDS Map User

    Is it a C5 or C6 chassis?
    I would look on ebay for a second hand bumper TBH.
    audi a6 bumper | eBay

    Have a look at the above link.
  4. mattyn

    mattyn Member

    Quick update.
    Been a good day to a certain extent. Took it to a couple body shops nearby, and all said it was not repairable, but needed replacement. Further investigation revealed damage to the bumper mounts on the car, which really mean it is out of the scope of me fixing.
    My excess is relatively low, so it has to be an insurance job - I appreciate it will affect my premium next year, but at least I know it is getting repaired properly, without cutting corners. So the bumper is being replaced in full, with the plastic trim inserts that seem to be damaged (clips broken etc). Also the passenger side fog lamp is chipped, which will be changed.
    In all, just under £1K!
    Also I get a hire car with my insurance - and delivered will be a 5008 tomorrow morning! It seems I do have the privilege.
    I know it's expensive, and probably could do it significantly cheaper - however timescales are against me. Decision made.
    I f[​IMG]ked up last night - expensive, embarassing and stupid. But like someone said, noone was hurt, and in the greater scheme of things it really is insignificant. But I still am angry with myself.
    The insurance girl laughed too when I said I did this at a speed of probably less than 0.5MPH!! She still had the cheek to ask if we were all wearing seatbelts, and did the air bags go off!!
    Repair photos later!

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