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Trailor wiring

d_mouse2 Jun 14, 2008

  1. d_mouse2

    d_mouse2 D_mouse2

    Anyone any probs with trailor wiring ??
    All lights work backways..no tail lights..have swapped wires @ to no avail..
    Plugs are wired correctly but indicators work opposite so i have swapped them on thats ok..but i still have no tail lights ???
  2. SimonW

    SimonW New Member

    have you tried widening the pins so they grip better, the one for the lights may be loose.
  3. scott b

    scott b Active Member VCDS Map User

    may be some use to some off you whilst on topic

    if doing the wiring for a towbar and your not using genuin parts, then heres where to pick the feeds up from

    sidelight / brake wire is grey and red (this wire does both the side and stop lights)
    indicators are blue and red, youll have to test which is which

    these where found at the back of the car just above the rear head lining, youll need to remove the rear plastic headling/roof trim to gain access

    these will only work if the tailgate is closed

    fog light i think was green and white, this was picked up inside the bumper (just follow the wire from the lamp, through the multiplug

    you will need to use a smart relay when doing the wiring for the towbar

    as for the towbar itself, a vw tourag one was what we fitted to the q7. this is also what we fit to the porcshe kahn
  4. EK

    EK New Member

    What wiring kit are you using?

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