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Traction of the lights

Sheikh Nov 5, 2011

  1. Sheikh

    Sheikh Member

    Is it just me, or is it quite hard to get our cars of the line. I mean if your at a set of lights and you put your foot down, does anyone else find the cars always struggling for traction and spends most of its time with the traction control kicking in? And before anyone says, it was a dry day and i'm running Conti SportContact 2's.
  2. Harrelson

    Harrelson Member

    In the wet? Yes even on very light throttle (running new sportcontact 2's)

    In the dry? No. But that's maybe because my 1.6 hasn't got too much power, just enough to launch without spinning wheels
  3. durtytdi140

    durtytdi140 Member

    After remap stage 1 mine is quite hard to get off the line front wheels just spin quite alot but as soon as second gear comes in its all good till mid range and even third gear depending hpw mich im giving it, then again im on 18" alloys and runnin 305 ft lb torque :p , in the rain i jus drive civalised never put my foot down theres no point of wheel spinning for hours on end lol

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