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traction / ABS light coming on after 10 mins.

Audi-Power Sep 26, 2011

  1. Audi-Power

    Audi-Power Member


    my audi a3 1.9 tdi 130bhp.

    from starting the car i would say 8 minuets exactly could be 10 mins the abs / traction control light comes on and stays on until you tun the engine off.
    when i start the car back up its the same process exactly after 8 or 10 mins ( i could do with a stopwatch )

    this has only occured since having cruise control fitted.
    i have took the car back to where the cruise was fitted and it was put on the diagnostics to find a fault " load signal from alternator "

    the fault was cleared but it keeps popping back up.
    im looking for information on this please if anyone has had the same problem etc .....

    i dont want to go out and spend nearly £200 on a alternator if this isnt the problem as my alternator doesnt look that old.

    hope someone can help
  2. Audi-Power

    Audi-Power Member

  3. Inertiauk

    Inertiauk Active Member

  4. Audi-Power

    Audi-Power Member

    yeah cheers or the reply on this i did see this a while back when i made this post

    i got my car in the air had a good look about and couldnt find this conection.
    being a audi a3 i though it would be different with that being a seat on that website ?????

    weather there all the same i dont no ??
    if i didnt look hard enough etc ,,,,

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