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Tracking Issues

A4B8Sline Feb 4, 2012

  1. A4B8Sline

    A4B8Sline Active Member

    Hi Guys

    I'm having a few issues with my tracking and steering on my 2009 B8 A4. Ive been to two different garages over the last two weeks to try and get the it sorted. The steering wheel while driving straight is slightly to the right idicating that the tracking is out. However both garages and myself witnessing the alignment cannot seem to get the steering wheel staight. The steering wheel has been clamped in the staight positon during the alignment and the lazer and computer indicates all is ok. But when you go on the road the steering wheel is off centre.

    Anyone have any ideas with this? Suspension issues or bent track rods? The car has just rolled onto 60k Ive had a mechcanic look under the car and the chassis is straight and everything else looks ok?

    Any help or sugguestions would be apreciated.

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