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Tracking An Allroad

motionpotion Sep 16, 2012

  1. motionpotion

    motionpotion New Member


    My 2006 A6 Allroad 2.7 TDi quattro was wearing the tyres on the insides at the front. I brought it to a place where they track and balance suspension and tyres.

    Because the suspension is adjustable between 5 different heights on an Allroad should they track it at all the various heights or is tracking it at the "Automatic" level ok for all the other levels?

    Thanks for any responses.
  2. fishyfish

    fishyfish Member

    Presumably any place with proper four-wheel computer alignment equipment (e.g. Hunter HawkEye) will have access the geometry settings as specified by Audi, which likely indicates the height that the air suspension should be set to prior to measurement/alignment.

    If that's not the case, I'd assume the most obvious thing would be to set up the geometry to be correct at the "middle" height setting, or possibly whichever height you most often ride at.
  3. motionpotion

    motionpotion New Member

    Yeh. I set the car to automatic setting before they tracked it so it would be the middle setting.
    But they didn't know anything about the jacking mode when they were taking off the wheels to balance them - I had to put the jacking mode setting on for them.

    I'm just curious about tracking as I presume when the suspension adjusts the wheel camber gets slightly pulled in or out depending on the height of the suspension? I'm not sure if this affects tyre wear too much though.
  4. 18 stoner

    18 stoner New Member

    As fishy says, just get them to do it at the most used height.

    Just out of curiosity, were your tyres wearing just on the extreme inner edge of the fronts by any chance, and did the garage comment on how much they were "out"?

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