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Toyota 4runner

jhandy Apr 9, 2014

  1. jhandy

    jhandy New Member

    Here is my toyota 4 runner not owned it long. But have 3 cars now. And this one has to go

    Comes with 5 months tax and I think 5 months mot

    Just had diesel pump fixed was leaking.
    New Cambelt
    New rocker box gasket
    Aircon removed as someone destroyed it before me
    Front bumper reprainted black
    New wind deflectors fitted
    Key fob central locking fitted
    New boot carpet
    6x9 fitted into 6x9 boxes in the back just so you can hear that little bit better when people are in the back
    New rear fog light

    new upper and lower ball joint on n/s/f also n/s/f track rod end

    Had a patch welded seam sealed then under sealed

    Complet underbody undersealed

    All of above was done by me I'm a qualified mechanic so no need to worry lol

    It's had a 4 inch body lift
    10 inch steel wheels

    Bad points

    The rear arches are starting to bubble

    It has no rear bumper was removed before I got it

    The rear window works. But is a little slow I have had it apart and greased the he'll out of the mechanism

    Needs all 4 front c.v boots. I wouldve done it when I done ball joints but didn't have any the correct size

    Everything works on the truck including the soft and hard suspension button

    It's low mileage at 109000 but it's mixed between miles and kilometres as it's a Japanese import

    The body work is ok not the greatest. But it makes an awesome off road vehicle I used it a couple times and didn't struggle at all

    It's a 2.4 turbo diesel
    With a 4 speed automatic gearbox with overdrive

    The price is £1500 I think that is a decent price for what has been done and what comes on the

    As it won't let me upload pics. If your interestead please Pm me or text me and I will fire some across for you any questions please do ask

  2. jhandy

    jhandy New Member


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