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Towbars... What's the difference between FWD and quattro ones?

ReSpect_4 Dec 16, 2013

  1. ReSpect_4

    ReSpect_4 New Member

    Reason for asking this, just got myself a very nice Westfalia detachable towbar which was new and never fitted.I did check the part number but i think the desire to have it overwhelmed me and i bought it anyway.it is for a quattro model, i have a front wheel drive '03 C5.It looks the same (I used to have a B5 passat, similar chassis and fitted a towbar to that).But what are the real differences ? I read on a US forum someone saying the chassis legs are at different centres due to the 4wd system, which sounds possible as the quattro has the rear subframe housing the diff and driveshafts.Without removing the boot floor and side panels in my car to check the bolt centres, not much i can do for now.If it's a no go..... anyone want to buy a new Westfalia detachable towbar for a C5 quat' :)cheers.

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