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  1. imported_OCP

    imported_OCP Guest

    Audi virgin here with an easy question for the experts I hope!
    Recently bought an A4 Avant Estate 1998 Quattro which came with an annoying tow bar. After looking to take it off it seems as though its welded to the rear bumper bracket which others tell me is unheard of in Audi's.
    Is it somehow bolted on elsewhere or will I have to buy a new rear bumper bracket just to get rid of the thing??
    I have not taken the bumper off to have a proper look yet since I wanted to hopefully save time and ask you guys.
    Thanx in advance for any help you can give!
  2. ribena

    ribena Member


    i have a bosal detachable on mine which i fitted so here goes

    4 torx screws either side in the wheelarch and 2 poss 3 bolts either side underneath the carpet

    pull the plastic 'wings' of the bumper out then it should just pull back ( make sure the wiring is free )

    then the towbar will be bolted to the metal frame work of the bumper

    dead easy

    only downside will be you'll have to replace the towbar with something to bolt to the bumper then to the body (scrappy?)

    or get a detachable which is unnoticeable when fitted
  3. imported_OCP

    imported_OCP Guest

    Thanx for the help!
    I will give it a try.

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