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Totally Gutted! :(

supanova Feb 24, 2013

  1. supanova

    supanova A3 2.0 TDI SE

    Last monday I had a Family of 8 coming into my work to get a family portrait taken. The main reason was that one member of the family had cancer and the future wasn't looking too good for him unfortunately. I never knew his age but he was no older than 26-27 years old. he was very friendly and in good spirit given the physical state he was in and the fact he had to be on an oxygen tank basically 24/7.

    the whole time we where in the studio takin photographs he was always cracking jokes and making his family.... maybe forget for a while that he was sick, they all had a realy fun time and you could see just how much they ment to him and he to them.

    This evening at around 6pm, he sadly passed away, leaving behind his loved ones. tomorrow was the day he and his family where to call in and collect the photographs that where taken. he didn't get the chance to see the final photographs of him with his family before he passed.

    my deepest thoughts are with your family. R.I.P Chrissy! No doubt you will be sadly missed! :(
  2. shariain

    shariain Well-Known Member

    Very sad and my thought to his family.

  3. jojo

    jojo Looking for Boost! Staff Member Moderator Team Daytona Audi S3 quattro Audi A6 Audi Avant Owner Group


    Sad he never got to see the photo's, but lets hope the rest of the family see's them and remembers the good times! :photo:
  4. BigWillyStyle

    BigWillyStyle Member

    Very sad! Makes me realise how important my job is!

    Im sure his family will love the photos!
  5. rhubarb4

    rhubarb4 Certified Audi nutter Gold Supporter Team Silver Audi S3 quattro

    Very sad news, thoughts are with you and his family.

  6. Nilz

    Nilz Defo worth the wait :) Team Ibis TFSI Owners Group quattro Audi A4 S-line owners group saloon Manual

    Sad news and sad times, heard last week a mates cousin passed away,she was 34 years old with a 2yr old boy, thought it was a cold, turned out it was norovirus and she just didnt make it thru.

    Never a nice thing mate and thoughts are with you and the family.

  7. supanova

    supanova A3 2.0 TDI SE

    Cheers guys. Was very hard hearing the news. to top it off his sister came in today to collect the photos and was struggling to fit the tears. felt so bad for them. sad times indeed. :(

    WAFTER Member

    These situations are so challenging for the witnessing parties as words can never mend or cure.
    Recently when hospital ward visiting for a radio station I encountered a frail elderly gentlemen, barely awake, being visited by his wife. On top of the bedside cabinet were several cards congratulating the couple on their 49th wedding anniversary. I went into jolly mode and started wittering on about how they might celebrate the big 5 0 anniversary next year, a world cruise perhaps, or a few diamonds. Then the wife quietly whispered in my ear that the doctor had just left, having broken the news that the husband was terminally ill and had less than a week to live. To this day I have no idea how I switched from jolly mode and extracted myself from the situation with dignity and sympathy.

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