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Torque Wrench and settings

D3mon Jul 2, 2009

  1. D3mon

    D3mon Active Member

    :think: Planning to take the wheels off now and then for some special cleaning attention, but have decided to go for a torque wrench instead of using the 'two-grunt' method with the wheel brace.

    Where would I get such an item and particularly one that is preset/adjustable to my wheel bolt requirements (also what torque settings?)

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  2. Lima

    Lima AUSmotive.com

    Dunno what the recommended setting is but I usually torque the wheel nuts on the GTI to around 110-120Nm.

    Most auto or hardware/tool shops should have half decent torque wrenches on sale I'd imagine.
  3. Fast,not furious

    Fast,not furious Dealing with an OCD

    Your recommended torque is 120nm,usually way less than most tyre places crank 'em up to with the impact wrenches.

    Don't forget to do opposing bolts up,so not in sequence if you get what i mean,just pinching them up bit by bit as you work round.
    I'm sure i read always undo the locking nut first,and pinch it up last - i guess it puts less strain on it?

    Are you giving 'em a couple of coats of wheel wax then?

    edit: i can recommend using detailing clay an your alloys with a bit of Quick Detailer or strong soap and water solution as a lube,it'll shift those bits of embedded brake dust and tar,no probs!

    Have a look at the Polished Bliss car care guides on here,if you haven't already done so.
    Last edited: Jul 2, 2009
  4. D3mon

    D3mon Active Member

    LOL FnF, you got me bang to rights! Did my detailing 'degree' at Autopia.org over the last couple of years, so I love to keep the inside of the wheels clean as possible, but they do need to come off for a good job. They're brand new just now so they're not too contaminated yet, but yes I'd def go in the there with a clay block if they needed some work.
    I've not stumped up for some 'wheel' wax just yet, I guess I'm hoping my current pot of P21s will do a similar job.
    Last edited: Jul 2, 2009

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