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Top end knock

scooby 1966 Nov 18, 2009

  1. scooby 1966

    scooby 1966 New Member

    I wonder if anybody has had a similar probllem.I have a 2000 S3 amk,110k,fsh.Ive owned the car for nearly two years,last 6-9 months when engine gets hot and is on idle i get a top end knock bit like a lazy hydraulic,had it in a garage last week they diagnoised a noisey cam chain.was advised from audi they recomend replacing hydraulic tensioner but decided against.had the chain replaced same problem.a couple of things to add i have been running this car on fully systhetic 5-40,i now confirmed that audi recomend mobile1 10-40,will this have an effect.Noise is arround the no4 cylinder,to the right of the engine from the front end.
    Would be helpfull to hear from anyone that has had any similar problems.thanks

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