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s3_kev Nov 30, 2010

  1. s3_kev

    s3_kev Stage2'd!!!!!!

    Just got off the phone to Sky Insurance, after recently buying a honda civic for day to day running around as the Audi is becoming far to nice to use daily in these wintery conditions. Great service and very competetive, My current insurer Adrian Flux could'nt touch there prices on the civic but the audi was cheaper for some reason but even with the audi being a £100 a year more with Sky overall the complete package of both cars works out much cheaper. Only problem is the Audi is'nt due till 4th january so need to ring up for new quote in january hope the figures quoted today remain then ;)
  2. skyinsurance

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    Thank you for taking the time to lave us this feedback and please do not hesitate to contact us via PM if you have any queries.

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