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Took a trip to see NHN

itissamuel Jul 11, 2013

  1. itissamuel

    itissamuel New Member

    Just a quick appreciation thread/thankyou to Nigel (NHN) for the work done on my A3.

    I have an A3 8P TDIe 2009 which had the mysterious dim glowing steering wheel light on the dash from when I purchased it. Car went away, came back with the DIS not working, sent dash cluster away to be re manufactured, parts not available/unrepairable.

    After this long winded process, I put forward to the dealer that Nigel sorted it out for me.

    Nigel arranged it for my next day off work so I took drive down to Brighton the day before yesterday. The only negative of the day was my horrible first experience of the M25 in the morning rush which I didn't anticipate.

    Nigel supplied and fitted a complete dash cluster and we took a quick sunny blast in our A3's elsewhere for the relevant coding.

    The work was all done within a few hours, and as the other half came with me, we were able to spend the rest of the lovely days' weather exploring Brighton.

    It was a pleasure to meet Nigel, who I can't fault on his helpfulness, friendliness and advice. I'm sure I will keep in contact and soon arrange something when I decide what to retrofit next and possibly purchase a VCDS cable too. I hope I can encourage him to take a trip up to Milton Keynes with the promise of good tea and food.

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