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Too much oil??

Junior Senior Jun 18, 2009

  1. Junior Senior

    Junior Senior New Member

    Well picked up a very nice A4 2.0 TDI S Line last week.
    On checking the oil level today after a bit of head scratching:uhm: I found the level was 3/4 - 1" above the max level mark.......WTF.
    The car was serviced 6,000 miles ago by an Audi dealer but can't prove it wasn't topped up after that.
    Anyway, new oil and sump plug was bought and the oil was drained off. A new fill is supposed to be 4 Litres, I drained off 5 Litres without removing the filter.
    Seriously not impressed. Got the Master technician to come out with me on a road test and there doesn't seem to be any issues, but come MOT time it might be different. Surprisingly there wasn't huge plumes of smoke behind me??

    All sorted now, to fill to max level only took 3 1/2 Litres so there was 1 1/2 Litres too much in there.
    Not good!!

    But interestingly the oil I bought from Audi (Mobil 1) was £3 per litre cheaper than it would have been in my local discount motor factors:kissmyrings:

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