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too many warning lights!

imported_westy2005 Aug 28, 2004

  1. Hi, I am new to this forum, and to Audi's alike. I recently purchased a 98 A4 1.8T Quattro, and it has ALOT of warning lights on. The light that I am mainly concerned with, though, is the brake light. When the car is started, and when driving, the "Brake" light blinks repetedly. This stops, though, when the emergency brake is pulled. I have checked the brake fluid and all the lines, and found nothing. This had me concerned beacuse I have never seen this before, ever. So I am mainly wondering if anyone has ever seen this before? and how they solved this problem? Any help is appreciated.

    P.S. could this be due to low brake pad on the front? is there a sensor?

    Thanks, Westy
  2. imported_Cali

    imported_Cali Guest

    I had a intermitant 'brake light' warning. The warning would come on when I braked (mainly around town). It would stay on for a while and then for no reason after braking it would go off and work fine. I checked it was seated right, it continued. I cleaned the bayonet on the bulb and on the cluster, it stopped for a while, I ended up changing the bulb - it has done it once since.
  3. AndyMac

    AndyMac Moderator Moderator

    Will be a low brake pad warning. Get your pads changed.
  4. dann959

    dann959 Member

    could be pads usually is but those pads sensors are so annoying. So when i did my rotors and pads i had those damn sensors cut
  5. Hey, I changed the pads, and that didn't help me a bit. Any Ideas now??

  6. Mutinyno9

    Mutinyno9 Member

    i could have told you it wasn't the pads cuse if it was the pads that were worn down, the Brake warning wouldn't flicker, it would have staying one because the sensor is just a complete circut and once the pad wears the sensor down it breaks the circut causing the Brake light warning. Did you change allthe pads or just the fronts?

    Which light are you talking about, the one on the middle of cluster or the round red one that says BRAKE?

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