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TOMTOM - Permanent Docking kit - anyone?

imported_CurryMilkShake Jun 1, 2006

  1. Have been reading up on the TTG permanent docking kit.

    This replaces the standard screen clamp, and fag lighter lead arrangements..

    I know there are alternative clamps but there are some features of this that appeal:

    - Turns the TTG on and off automatically with the ignition

    - Switches between 'day' mode and 'night' mode automatically when your lights come on

    - Routes the voice through your stereo speakers, muting the stereo as it does it

    - Includes the external antenna to boost the GPS signal

    - Charges it automatically, eliminates all that visible faglighter cabling !

    the kit is under a £100 - not bad value when the ext antenna costs nerly half that!

    so - Has anyone here done it? does it work succesfully with a symphony??

    My one concern is the auto-mute and audio in on the stereo is already tapped into by my telephone kit.. dont know if you can do both!


    Clicky TOMTOM page

    Other Supplier
  2. sounds very good! I'm not using my bose oem system so could that be used just for this or would it have to go through a HU I wonder? Not sure if there'll be enough space behind my HU!
  3. scoTTy

    scoTTy Active Member

    I think it'll work with both phone and satnav input but you may have to cut some wires.

    On the back of the my head unit there is a feed for the phone which mutes the head unit plus there is a feed for satnav inputs which simply drop the music to a background level and mix in the satnav instructions. The amount of drop is adjusted via the menu just like the gala settings.

    It seems like good value. I'll wait to see how much the 910 one is before I decide.

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