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TomTom 3 Navigator using a HP iPAQ 2210

h5djr Feb 20, 2005

  1. h5djr

    h5djr Well-Known Member VCDS Map User Gold Supporter quattro Audi A3

    Hi everyone

    I am considering buying a copy of TomTom 3 Navigator to use with my iPAQ 2210 in my A3. Does anyone currently use this setup. If so what type of mount etc are you using and is your setup hard wired.

    The best value at the moment seems to be a kit from globalpositioningsytems.co.uk which includes the software, a mount and a wired GPS for around £158.

    Any comments or information would be much appreciated. Thanks
  2. TTLAW

    TTLAW Member


    I have the setup you mention. The mount that was included in the TomTom car fitting kit for the 2210 allows the PDA to sit on the airvent above the CD player. Technical side - not much to say really - it does what it says on the tin. I will take a piccy tomorrow and post for you.

  3. h5djr

    h5djr Well-Known Member VCDS Map User Gold Supporter quattro Audi A3

    Thanks Steve, that would be great. Where do you have the GPS mounted ?
  4. djoblong

    djoblong Member

    What do you guys think of the visibility of tom tom on the ipaq? A friend of mine at my work just bought the dedicated Tom Tom 3 unit which has a really nice sized screen and he said visibility is brilliant even in direct sunlight plus you don't have to much about selected and app and loading it up each time you turn on your ipaq. Thoughts? In my view the additional fleixbility you get with an ipaq for other apps, etc., makes it by far a better choice.
  5. jasew

    jasew Member

    TomTom Go is just for people wanting navigation. As a package it's good.

    PDA's have roughly the same size screen, so not much difference visability wise.
  6. The911SC

    The911SC Active Member

    I have tomtom running on an Ipaq 1940 with an emtac GPS bluetooth 'lozenge'. Works great and the GPS receiver can be put in the glovebox out of sight no problem. Recently bought the Arcon swivel mount to attach to the air vent and its fine (since I have a mobile phone as well which uses up the bracket position).

    Best thing about the ipaq is you control what software you want and the free 'checkpoint' software downloadable from the web gives you camera locations also (which you can add to yourself).
  7. S3DBW

    S3DBW Member

    Been using TomTom Navigator on an Ipaq 3850 with an emtac GPS sleeve and an air vent mount for about a year now. Brilliant package and as mentioned there are number of excellent databases with camera sites. On some vehicles there can be problems getting a good GPS signal due to the metallic compounds they put in some heat reflective glass, but this is not an issue with the S3, also you can get round this problem with an external antenna.

    The great thing about this system is its portable, for example on holiday in Switzerland last year with a hire car, I switched it on at Zurich Airport, entered the address of a Hotel in Davos and it navigated me right to the doorstep, cant ask fairer than that.
  8. MajorSparky

    MajorSparky New Member


    I bought the iPaq 2210, Tom-Tom3 and Emtac GPS from Globalposioningsystems and use it on my new A3 2.0TFSI. It works great, but the car's performance is such that you daren't spend much time looking at the iPaq screen!
  9. imported_Watson

    imported_Watson Guest

    I can't recommend TomTom Go highly enough. My old setup using an iPaq and bluetooth GPS caused me no end of problems. It was not unusual to mess with it for 10-15 minutes before setting off on a journey. The "Go" has lived up to its name - I leave the mount on the windscreen/dashboard and just plonk it on the top, switch on and that's it.

    Similar to the PDA version of TomTom, it is also possible to download camera locations and the latest version of the go firmware gives warnings when you get close.

    The other thing is that the battery seems to last for ages. I have not had to use the car charger, which was a problem with my old setup due to how close the power socket is to the gear stick in the A3 - don't know if anyone else has found this.

    The screen is more reflective than my iPaq, but all things considered I am very pleased with it.


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