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Todays work on the car

aragorn May 30, 2009

  1. aragorn

    aragorn "Stick a V8 in it!" Staff Member Moderator VCDS Map User

    So i wanted to do some work on the landrover, but the day didnt exactly goto plan.

    I got up sharp (8:30 i was outside!) and decided to attempt fitting the sensor for the oil pressure guage i've had sitting around for weeks. As per usual the T piece tightened up at a point where there was no hope of getting the sensor on the side of it. After lots of messing i ended up removing the dowty seal and fitting the copper washer from the original sender to the T piece, which made it tighten up just right. I then put the dowty seal on the original sensor and the guage sender went nicely in the side.

    At that point i got a call from my brother saying his bathroom was leaking, so i headed over there to fix it. Radiator in the bathroom was pissing water from one of its fittings, so i drained the central heating system and told him what he needed to do to repair the joint. Said hi to parents and had some lunch.

    By this time it was after 2, and i wasnt really up for painting the chassis, so we headed to the local scrappy and picked up a replacement washer bottle as my old pump failed, and pre-97 cars have a very odd pump with the level float built in. I'd picked up a replacement pump last weekend, but it didnt have the level float on it as they're seperate on the newer cars, so i went back to collect the new style bottle and level sensor. While i was there i picked up some spare vents.

    Got home and continued on the task to fit the oil pressure guage, crafting a hole for it into one of the spare vents, then set to on the car armed with a soldering iron. Wired the live for the guage into the relay i installed for my stereo switched live, and hooked the illumination up to the fag lighter. While i had the dash in bits i moved the speed signal for the cruise control from the stereo to the ECU harness so i'll need to give the car a test and see how that goes.



    Didnt get the washer bottle fitted, might think about that tomorrow.

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