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To trade or not to trade?

azzurro2222 Mar 11, 2005

  1. azzurro2222

    azzurro2222 Member

    Finally agreed to upgrade the wifes ride to a nice family 4x4 after adding another child to the family a couple of weeks ago so now I can go a bit less family myself, considering TT and 330i Coupe (sorry) but the trade in offers I'm getting are outrageous.
    I am being told they're doing me a favour offering just under 16k,

    My last A4 1.8t Quattro on a 51 Plate with a nice spec, leather, alloys 17" stars (an extra at the time), was sold for 15K when it was over 2 and a half years old with 35,000 miles on it.
    How can my beautiful black S-line with BOSE & Xenons be worth less than 16k after 9 months.

    Help, another question, should I mention the AMD remap when offering it for trade in or private sale come to that?

    I would appreciate any and all comments and suggestions.
  2. simon_golf_tt

    simon_golf_tt Member

    What a joke - I was in the local dealers last weekend and they are selling 2002 A4's for that sort of price. Reckon you'd be much better selling private. Then you are in a better position to barter on the price of the replacement. More hassle but worth the effort.

    Not sure on the remap. Depends on the buyer.
  3. I was offered £7,000 as a trade in for my old Saab Convertible or £1000 off the list price for my new A4 Cab. In the end I sold the Saab for £9,500 and got the £1,000 off the new A4. That means my private sale (which only took 2 weeks from start to finish using AutoTrader) saved me £3500 and that was on a 5 year old car!
  4. azzurro2222

    azzurro2222 Member

    Plan B in operation, keep the A4 for the missus and trade her Focus for a TT (or 330i Coupe).
    Why let some other /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/swear.gif get the benefit of my depretiation.

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