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To tint or not to tint….. New baby dilemma...

Ben jah min Jun 16, 2014

  1. Ben jah min

    Ben jah min Member

    Hi all, Im having a bit of indecision regarding getting the avant tinted to shade my baby opposed to putting up those horrid baby blinds.

    Ive given up trying to find the OE integrated rear blinds so getting some tints seems a last resort.

    Im just wondering if anyone has tinted their avant and to what extent, Im not after anything resembling a 90's c/w 'on a mission' sun strip. But I would like to stop my baby getting too much sun while she's in the car.

    If anyone has any pics of theirs….. or has some rear door cards with blinds, stick em up please!
  2. Inskip75

    Inskip75 Member

    I've got rear door cards with blinds - black with cream panels - also got front - cheap if you want them? Got them with Recaros from S6 but only used seats.

    My avant has tinted rears about 30/35% - keeps car lot less hot in sunny weather - mines parked outside at work all day and on days like this its not cool inside just less work for aircon to sort it.
    Last edited: Jun 17, 2014
  3. mrnice.

    mrnice. New Member

    I have had mine tinted professionally with the proper "double pigment" film and it has made a great deal of difference to how hot the car gets inside in the summer (and it looks a lot better) , I also have the rear door and boot blinds for extra shading if needs be.

    I am struggling to upload pics from my phone but if I can I will post some.

    It also blocks a lot of the harmful UV out which is good for baby and the leather seats.

    I didn't want to look "boy racer" and wanted a more of a classy look so I went for 1 shade less than limo black on the tailgate, then one less on the boot side windows, then one less on the back seat windows and finally a very slight legal tint on the 2 side ones, it looks a whole lot better than the dark back end and contrasting clear front ones you get on say the modern RR sports etc and instead blends quite seamlessly together.

    I would advise not buying cheap film as it turns purple over time when the UV rays attack it and looks rubbish

    Hers the fella I use: EVS PRO TINTS - Home Hes probably too far away for you but if you give him a call/email/text he can advise you as to whats best for you, he really knows his stuff to be fair and I have used him for my last 4 vehicles.

    In fact if you look at his tints gallery you can even see my old Mk4 Golf GT TDI on there.

    It cost me £160 as hes my mate so he done it a bit cheaper.
  4. overdraft

    overdraft Member

    i have mine rear tints , only down side is reduced vision whilst reversing in low light.
  5. Gazwould

    Gazwould Well-Known Member

    Get some Cree led reversing bulbs.
  6. Gazwould

    Gazwould Well-Known Member

    Child blinds X

    Fitted Privacy shades instead of tinting gets my vote.

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