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To Break or Sell? That is the question...

Jason_E Nov 11, 2011

  1. Jason_E

    Jason_E New Member

    Here's my dilemma, I'm not sure wether to break my Audi for parts or sell it as a whole. I'll copy and paste the ad here and see what you lads think really! I know I will NEVER get the money back it owes me (Probably around £1800 all in) but it seems a shame to strip this car for parts.

    [quote name='Jason_E' timestamp='1320703575' post='4055101']
    Literally just need this gone as it's sitting there doing nothing, so first off is price £Offers. To comply with the forum rules I'm looking for about a grand.

    I bought the car a couple of months ago, then almost immediatly got a good job that requires a commute so bought a Bora TDI. Now this has been sitting on my grans driveway waiting for a new home...

    Good bits:
    - Cream leather, in good Condition (could do with a clean).
    - Climate control
    - Tax and MOT left (about 3-4 months, will double check)
    - Lovely straight car bodywork wise
    - Facelift model.
    - Standard, unmolested.
    - Recent detail, so the paint is silky smooth.
    - New brake discs up front.
    - New brake line on rear.
    - New air and cabin filter.
    - New rocker cover gasket
    - Comes with Parts: New CV Joint, Oil filter, and Fuel filter.
    - No bits of trim missing, bit rare on a B5!

    Bad bits:
    - Needs a clean again, been sitting for a few weeks.
    - Some form of leak from the engine. There was an oil leak from the rocker cover, but I sorted that. So I think the puddle is oil dripping from the splash guard (previously leaked oil) but I cant be sure so don't want to be accused of hiding problems.
    - Needs a new cv joint/boot fitted. I have the part, just haven't had the chance to fit it.
    - Needs Oil and Fuel filter change, again I have these for the new owner.
    - Central locking pump is dead, common problem and easy to replace if it bothers you.
    - Radio needs coding.
    - Scrape on the rear bumper, not too big.
    - Faded computer screen, again a real common problem that most wouldn't mention but I am honest!
    - Small hole in the exhaust somewhere, if I'm honest it neve bothered me as the V6 sounds awesome. ^_^
    - Needs a jump to get going, so I'm thinking a new battery could be in order!

    DSC_0012 by Jason.Easton, on Flickr

    DSC_0016 by Jason.Easton, on Flickr

    DSC_0015 by Jason.Easton, on Flickr

    DSC_0014 by Jason.Easton, on Flickr

    Located near Oxford. Just email/PM me if you're interested.

    I don't know if it's worth my time trying to sell the car as a whole anymore. :(

    BTW, this isn't some cheap way of getting my ad around. Looking for genuine advice here. Thanks! :)
  2. ldoshiv2

    ldoshiv2 Member

    Shame to break it as the bad points are minor and the car is a clean model.(Altough there's not many facelift b5s breaking at the moment.).If it were a diesel i'd definatley say sell it as a whole, not sure what the markets like for that particular engine. (dont think its as desirable as others). Personally i think you will get what your looking for. Id Ebay it ! good luck mate
  3. aragorn

    aragorn "Stick a V8 in it!" Staff Member Moderator VCDS Map User

    I think you need to fix some of the issues if your wanting a grand for it.

    With a list of problems like that your going to struggle to get more than a few hundred quid for it in all honesty.

    Locking pump is easy enough to sort if its just a broken impeller (and i have one for sale ;) )
    Oil and filter change will quite literally take you half an hour, and will turn a negative into a positive "just been serviced"
    The CV boot is a bit of a larger job, but again, if your wanting to get decent money for the car your going to have to sort it. You have the parts, it'll take you a couple of hours to change it.
    Find out whats wrong with the battery, take it off and charge it for a start, maybe its just flat, maybe the alternators not charging it, etc, your posts vauge and any potential buyers are left wondering. If its knackered, buy a cheap replacement from your local scrapyard and at least that means you dont have to mention the fault.
    Find out what exactly this oil leak is, if its minor, sort it, if its not then accept your not going to get much for the car but can at least tell potential buyers exactly what the problem is.

    Dont even mention it needing a clean and put down exactly how much tax and MOT it has as the way you;ve worded it gives the impression you know little about your own car, and dont really care about it, and thus its probably not been looked after very well.

    You put a days work and probably not much more than £50 into it and its gone from a car with a huge list of faults, to a car that looks like a good going concern thats ready to jump in and drive.
  4. Oranoco

    Oranoco Well-Known Member

    Can't agree with aragorn enough.
  5. Jason_E

    Jason_E New Member

    Cheers mate! Helpful advice there :).

    Yeah tbh, I love this car but the past month I've been so involved with my new job and my new car it's been left neglected, tomorrow I plan to have a really good clean of it and do a few of the things you mentioned. But it is needing a new battery, as I tested it before I got my new car.

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