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TNT Delivery - Fecking useless!

adamck Aug 28, 2012

  1. adamck

    adamck Member

    Sold some wind deflectors off my old car on ebay... Sent them via Paisley Freight who then use TNT, City link or whoever to deliver the item.
    It was then refused by the guy i sent it to, as he said it was damaged.
    Turns out the bafoon delivery guy from TNT and royally f**ked the entire thing up managing to shatter the thing into pieces.
    Now these where very well wrapped in cardboard, foam, bubble wrap and more to meet their delivery standard etc... and where in mint condition.
    After speaking to TNT and then being passed to Paisley Freight, i find out that the item is 'a restricted item' that doesnt meet any insurance requirements, so im left with a pile of shattered plastic to be returned to me.
    What a right royal **** up of a delivery service that was! The item must have been pretty badly handled to shatter it, its flexible plastic.
    Paisley freight have agreed to refund me my delivery cost of £13, but im now left without the item.

    I wont be using TNT ever again, what a bunch of useless ****'s :(

    I want to email TNT to express my anger now in the hope that they will speak to the driver and give him a talking to or something, they cant just get away with smashing peoples property up knowing that i cant do anything about it.

    Makes me laugh how a £2 item from china can arrive quicker and in mint condition for next to nothing delivery charge, but in the UK we charge the earth, get taxed to death and the items arrived absolutely ruined.

    Grrrrrr i fecking hate delivery services!!!!!
  2. s3dave

    s3dave TFSI Hybrid Supporter

    Totally know how you feel i get this on a weekly basis....they just dont give a **** .... its got to be bomb/IDIOT proof to stand a chance...

    by the way was it all damaged as i have a brand new passenger one... as i had to buy another pair as one flew off and a woman drove over it..
  3. Pops848

    Pops848 Active Member

    Totally agree with all thats been said.

    I bought two headlights and rear light from ebay, sent via TNT.. all 3 smashed when they arrived, useless tw@s

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