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Mr K Apr 10, 2009

  1. Mr K

    Mr K Member

    My cars got it, and i love playing around with it, and wanted to know a bit more about it. Ive had a good look about on the net about how it works. cant really find much info? is it litterally just a manual overdrive for the signal from the gearbox ECU, on a normal autobox? or is there more too it? imho it feels to be more 'direct' in the gears in tip?

    excuse my ignorance, ivestripped and rebuilt engines etc, but ive never ventured into an autobox before.
  2. dieselfitter251

    dieselfitter251 Blow ma own trumpet?

    I'm thinking it'd be a fine halfway house between auto and manual. Interested in reading your replies, I know nothing about them either, would love to drive with one.
  3. rasA4

    rasA4 Four Rings Mafia Specialist Team V6 Audi A4 saloon

    i have it on mine used it a bit when i bought the car. Dont use it anymore i forget sometimes, i think i would use it more if it was on the steering wheel like the quattro's

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