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Tiptronic Gear Selector Error

cisaacs Oct 5, 2010

  1. cisaacs

    cisaacs New Member

    Hi All

    I know this has been mentioned in a couple of posts before but as far as i can see there has been no specific answer.

    I have a problem when engaging the gear selector in that when i get to 'D' all the gear selector lights on the dash are illuminated at once and i cannot use the manual gear selection from either the center gear lever or from the steering wheel. It only happens when i put in in D.

    It is not the same as the limp (backup) mode where only 1 gear is available. I can drive perfectly well when this happens. As i shift into 'S' i also hear the engine drop a gear so all is well here.

    The thing is that sometimes this happens and sometimes not. It just so happened not to do this when i booked the car into a Audi Tonbridge (who by the way are very rude and i urge you never to go there). They put this down to me having a slightly smaller emergency battery in the car at the time which has now been replaced with the proper one but without rectifying the fault.

    Also what happens is that sometimes when this fault is present and i drive over a significant bump in the road the fault seems to dissapear. Only to come back again when i next start the car.

    I cant afford to have Audi charge me £115 + VAT for an hours worth of head scratching. Anyone else seen this or have an idea of what could be the problem?

    I had it plugged into a diagnostics machine but no fault is showing up at all?

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