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Tips on wiper scratches on windscreen

jts456 Oct 22, 2007

  1. jts456

    jts456 New Member

    Okay on the M6 at the weekend, travelling at 'reasonable' velocity. :racer:
    (Would be points on my licence not a number of breakfasts at Her Majesty's pleasure)

    Some dirty crep on the windscreen, I wash-wipe......

    Wipers go ****** crazy, arms mix up and the driver side went under passenger, (It's off to the hard shoulder for us, yes they were aero spec). VW dealer has reset the arms this morning.

    I notice the scratches on the screen, nothing major but in the sunset going home tonight, pissang me off.

    Can autoglass miracle something up.
  2. j4jon

    j4jon Member

    Depending on how bad they are you could try Halfords Glass Cutter, I think that is supposed to remove small scratches, maybe worth a try for a fiver.
  3. Caesium

    Caesium My BM is fixed! VCDS Map User

    Halfords glass cutter? anyone used this?
  4. S3 ROCKS

    S3 ROCKS steve

    Personally i wouldnt use a glass cutter as this will remove the laminate from the windscreen, making it more prone to damage from stones when driving. Try using a filler polish, the only product i can think off of hand is the stuff you see for sale for removing scratces from your mobile phone display. I have used some polish when removing scratches from aircraft canopys at work that woked well. Ill see if i can lay my hands on some when im back to work in February
  5. S3 ROCKS

    S3 ROCKS steve

    Should have read that last reply before posting it i look a little dislexic now!!!!
  6. simch

    simch Active Member

    The laminate is the piece in the middle of the screen, its like two think sheets of glass sandwiching a flexible laminate. So I dont see how using some cutting compound will hurt the laminate unless you polish all the way through the first layer of glass...? You acrylic plastic polishes will not touch glass at all.

    To the original poster, what caused the scratches.....? Are the aero wipers not all rubber, (mine are)? Did one fall off and the arms scrape the screen...?

    If they are conspicuous and deep enough to catch your finger nail on, I think you will need a new screen. Should get one on insurance for £60 excess for accidental damage.

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