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Tip Auto Not Happy

audia6tripping Apr 21, 2009

  1. audia6tripping

    audia6tripping New Member

    I just purchased a A6 3.0tdi Quattro Sline Avant replacing the previous 3.0 LeMans Quattro which they forgot one of my options.

    On receiving the replacement car I am extremely dissapointed with the speed of the change whilst in sports mode. The October 2008 car changed in sports mode so fast you could not feel the change effecting the drive (completely uninterupted) however in the 2009 car there is about a half second delay when testing the depth of the carpet and using the paddles if you get my drift.

    I tend to drive quickly but smoothly however the kick down seems excessivly slow, especially when overtaking, and not dropping to optimal gear for acceletion unlike the previous A6. Sports mode on on the first A6 was like night and day from Drive. The replacement car there is little difference.

    In order to get the omissions down have Audi mucked up the gear settings.

    My general consumption was 36 average in the previoius A6 (225gCo2) covered 3500miles 6 weeks, and on the new car which has supposed to have 5bhp more and 70nm more torque with 189gco2. Audi claim 5mpg better. I have now covered 3300 miles and although the engine is still tight I am only averaging 33mpg combined.

    Additionally when pulling off from standstill there is similar half second delay until launches. As I said to my Dealer when in sports mode I am not particularly interested in the car being silky smooth I want it fast.

    Drive is for when you want the car refined in my mind Sports is when you want it fast and precise not wondering as you pull out if the gap which is tight has just become to tight owing to the delay in acceletarion.

    I have contacted my local dealer in relation to slow shift as its driving me nuts. Previous model hit paddle up or down instant change new model half second delay - like a lifetime if in switch mode (either acceletaring or braking on demanding twisty road).

    Anyone found same or can advise how to get Audi to remap shift pattern?:sos:
  2. davec

    davec New Member


    I've had my 2007 3.0 TDI for about a month now. It's the first one I've had with the auto box and that engine.

    The take off from standstill takes a second or so. The revs rise but the car doesn't move off relative to the revs. Once it hits around 2k the car accelerates like a rocket.

    Doesn't help you any, I'm afraid, but I would be interested in responses you recieve.


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